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Dil Kithy Khara Mp3 Song Download

Author By : Zahoor Ahmad Lohar Official | Posted 03 Aug 2019
Source: YouTube.com/watch?v=4Ni1HMBjees

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Lyric Dil Kithay Kharayai | Zahoor Ahmad Lohar | New Punjabi Song 2019

Dil kithay kharayai o bholeya
Gal rovan payai o bholeya

Jag thagbaz da ilam ta haiya
Naz adaein te dulna naihya
Manukh lawayai bholeya

Eh anjam hai ech kay lai da
Bareyein ulta shugul khudai da
Kay hath ayai bholeya

Hun q ghatnaein hal duhaiyan
Pehle nahnni soch kay soch kay laiyan
Gadya chayai bholeya

Waye tu bahlay ghatay jhal kay
Be qadran day sang ech ral kay
Bharum wanjayai bholeya

Dard ha tainu bahu samjhaya
Kar nahi bilkul man paraya
Hun azmayai bholeya

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